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At a May 10th press conference, the Israeli prime minister clearly stated: “The initiative that I’m referring to are regional initiatives—meaning, aided by the Arab countries in the region to reach a real deal with the Palestinians.” In other words, Netanyahu is clearly saying that he had spoken to not one or two, but several Middle East leaders preceding the press conference.

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To vote add your user id using ~~~ beside the bot in the table below.Last week there was news of a chatbot developed to ferret out suspected sexual predators of underaged victims.Douglas thought that it was sad to not be able to ever talk to him again.He said “wouldn’t it be great if I could create a robot with artificial intelligence and have it hold someone’s personality and preferences - this way, we could talk to the robotic version of that person and ask it questions whenever we wanted”?Web Sites where the user can create their own Chat Bot for Free or for a fee.Personal and Professional applications for such uses as Customer Service Agents and On-Line Assistance.

These dolls are being used as the exclusive platform for our robotics hardware, and we are designing the products we create to integrate with as many Realdoll bodies as possible.

For more information on Realdoll and the various doll configurations available, please visit the Realdoll website directly at

Robotic Head System Our initial robotics efforts are focused on animating the head and face.

SOCIALLY AWKWARD ROBOT [15 ] If you think that the first 'real' AI in years to come is going to be your perfect electronic friend, think again. Responses contain unfiltered content which may offend.

It's probably more likely to be awkward, rude, confusing, and elusive — just like this personality.