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The gag with Armond was his expressionless, Botoxed reaction to every wrenching development in his dramatic life; the ultimate revelation that it was all a sham was finally enough to provoke a real emotional response, but since his body had no way to outwardly express that, he died.

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Hello." The distinctive approach to a staid format highlighted Kroll's skills as an actor and improviser, and more importantly showed off the myriad characters he had developed on alt-comedy stages and podcasts over the years.

After an unsurprisingly awkward start in Season 1’s penultimate episode on a dating show set on an ice skating rink (appropriately called “Ice Dating”), it’s revealed in Season 2 that their union was more than successful — and that C-Czar fully knocked her up.

Cue Beefy Liz’s jealousy, plus C-Czar’s new reality show: “Dad Academy.”Dr.

—ed.] But I do think it takes a while, and I still think we’re all hopefully always getting better.

AVC: What were you doing at the time, when you had the New Year’s resolution to do an open-mic?