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Due to the Middle Eastern influences on Alabasta, it is possible that the city of Alubarna is designed based on Baghdad.

The architecture of Yuba is generally circular buildings. After the arrest of Crocodile, many people went to Yuba and tried to rebuild it.

Prompto is a young man of average height and a slender build, whose visage gives off the impression of a youthful punk.

He has blue eyes, light freckles and short, unruly blond hair, which he at a point insists "does not look like a chocobo butt." He wears two bands on his right arm, black gloves, a black shirt with a white pattern, and a sleeveless black vest with a dark red flannel shirt attached underneath. He wears black boots with red soles that are lined with white fur. The one below the collar reads: "It's a beautiful day now watch some bastard mess it up." (The original message was "watch some bastard fuck it up," but it was changed for the final game.) The middle one on the side resembles the Harley-Davidson Motor Company logo.

Both Rainbase and Nanohana have similar architecture, with Rainbase's resembling a classic nineteenth century American town, with white walls, similar to those in Alubarna.

Nanohana is extremely similar, but the designs seems closer to Alubarna's, but with taller buildings.

Cities are central gathering places for the citizens of Alabasta.

It has been said the system was not just "thrown in", but connects to the party's actions and the story.Fast friends with Noctis since they met as teenagers, Prompto is a young man of common birth who finds himself out of his depth when tragedy befalls Lucis.Nevertheless, he strives to carry more than his own weight, lightening his companions' burdens as well as their spirits.The subject of this article has also been referred to as Arabasta. It was the fourth island that the Straw Hat Pirates visited on the Grand Line, and the events here resulted in Luffy's bounty being raised to ; roughly half-way through the first part of the Grand Line. It is arguably one of the largest islands the Straw Hats have visited in the Grand Line, containing several cities and towns and a massive river.Alabasta's architecture is very similar to Middle Eastern and Moorish buildings. The capital city of Alabasta has white, simple buildings.His standard outfit while in the Marines consists of a white buttoned-up vest with standing collar over a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, with matching white trousers and black dress shoes.