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He made several hundred thousand dollars over five years before turning all information over to prosecutors in exchange for immunity.

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Sex is both a biological need and a way for us to express our love.

If we don’t have sex with our lives, the love we feel starts to erode.

Your partner loves you for who you are and expects your quirkiness to reflect in your messages—even the dirty ones.

"You want to remind her that you're not just another text message, and that there's a man behind each message that she's connected to," Savoy says.

When it doesn’t occur, or occurs only enough to keep the marital hounds at bay, it haunts us and becomes a depressing focal point for a depressing life.

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I wanted to see what on earth this might look like in practice.For the next couple of months, they'll be required to think deeply about what led them to the parking lots and motels where they were arrested.They'll be asked to plumb their emotions and to contemplate their place in the patriarchy.For most men this is what it boils down to from his post: His post breaks this down to the point that the lack of this basic need led him to be suicidal.He’s a single guy, but the need for affection and, yes, sex is something that is born in our very DNA. we need this bond, especially with someone who we love, to feel like a man.Then, choose scenarios that you can both visualize.