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They gave us an upgraded room (from City-View Deluxe to City-View Executive) without even mentioning to us.
If you don’t trust her, you’re probably making her as bitter as you’re making yourself. If you can’t trust her, maybe you’re not ready to date her or maybe you need to work on confidence issues within yourself.

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Every night of the week at this underground West Village bar you'll find live music (Latin jazz, for example) and games like foosball, ping pong, and chess -- all of which guarantee there will be zero awkward silences. Three times a day at the Central Park Zoo (am, pm, and pm), visitors can watch the sea lion feedings before taking a stroll around the central gardens.

While the whole aphrodisiac thing has mostly been debunked, oyster happy hour is never a bad idea (assuming your date isn't allergic to shellfish...).

tells both sides of that story in their series "The Undateables," which chronicles dates of two New Yorkers who deem themselves "undateable" and are thereby set up to date each other to find out if the ideas they hold about themselves are true.

In a recent installment of the series, we see a 24-year-old woman who works in video and Billy, a 24-year-old actor, go on a date to a steakhouse. The story was screenshotted by prolific Twitter user Maya Kosoff (@mekosoff), and it seems at least the guy in the situation was right about his less-than-ideal "dateability," as basically all of Twitter is chiming in to roast him.

Maybe his acting skills just came in handy from the start.

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When questioned about his first impression of Alyssa, Billy says, “She was about five minutes late, which annoyed the shit out of me. At the end of the date, he said, "I feel like I took two hours of my time and kind of just burned it."While we can understand feeling like you've wasted time when a date doesn't go the way you planned, Billy is beyond rude in all of his answers about the date, going so far as to criticize the way she ordered her steak.

No matter how well you two know one another -- whether it’s your first Tinder date or you’ve made it to the one-month mark -- the city is full of ways to actually have fun on an early-in-the-game date.

But don’t make it harder than it has to be by subjecting your date -- and yourself -- to a painfully ordinary night of dinner and drinks.

I went into my Time Out New York Undateables interview with the objective of producing “good copy”. When the interviewer laughed out loud as I described my date’s facial hair, I thought,”Yeah! If I’d had any idea he’d been at all into me, that would have changed the way I talked about this date. Don’t I know that the only place for honesty and candor- when it comes to first dates- is brunch? Why hadn’t I even thought about being I’m not a bitch. I wanted to be in Time Out New York for the experience, for the story, and for insight from the guy’s perspective, on what it’s like to date me. If I’m perfectly honest (my downfall and my charm), I wanted to be in Time Out New York Undateables in part for the blog exposure. I hope you’ll leave a comment or join in discussion that’s already started on Facebook and Twitter!

I didn’t consider the feelings of the person I’d been on a date with. Well, according to his published side of this story, that assumption was entirely wrong. He said some really sweet things, complements that should be ego boosters, but now just make me feel bad. Or was my date being overly nice while I was being overly honest? Unless I tweet at him…but that’s probably not the best idea… I’d really love to hear anything you have to say, there’s so much to talk about with this!