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Native Americans of the Abenaki and other Algonquian languages-speaking nations, and their predecessors, inhabited the territory of coastal New Hampshire for thousands of years before European contact.

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This course covers the analysis, modeling and design of electrical circuits which contain electronic devices.

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Developing more effective automatic digital modulation recognition (ADMR) algorithms is an essential step in the interception process.

Linear feedback control systems, frequency and time domain analysis, I/O relationships, transfer function, performance analysis, Routh-Hurwitz and Nyquist stability criteria, Bode diagrams, Nicholas chart, Root locus method, Feedback system design. Modeling of physical systems, Concepts of state, state-space, Controllability and observability. Nonlinear systems, singular points, phase plane analysis, Lyapunov stability, describing functions, on-off and dual mode systems. Computer control systems Measurement process; scales of measurement; configuration and functional description of measurement systems; performance characteristics; sensing elements and transducers for measurement of motion, force, pressure, flow, temperature, light, vacuum, etc.; transducer interfacing; signal conditioning, transmission and recording; microprocessor based instrumentation.

Non-linear systems, phase-plane analysis, limit cycles, describing function. Sampling of CT signals: aliasing, prefiltering, decimation and interpolation, A/D and D/A conversion, quantization noise. Nature of definitions; Theory of measurement and scales; Symmetry, invariance and groups; Groups in signals and systems; Algebraic and relational structures of signal spaces and convolutional systems; Representation theory of groups, harmonic analysis and spectral theory for convolutional systems.

Basic operations of solid state devices including p-n junction diode, the bipolar junction transistor and field effect transistors.

Introduction to the physics of semiconductors; charge carrier statistics and charge transport in crystalline solids.